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The Bösel Plastic Management GmbH is a family-run plastic company

Bösel Plastic Management GmbH, known for short as BPM, is a family-run plastic recycling company which been successfully pursuing the basic principle of “in our hands the Earth” since 1992 and is now in its second generation. Founded by our currently senior partner, Peter Gribbe, his daughter Stephanie Kötter-Gribbe has been working as our managing partner for a few years now.

Owing to our many years of experience, we are not only appreciated as a contract manufacturer, but are also constantly developing new methods for even more efficient processing of recyclable plastics. These also include the attractive flowerpot recycling. Comminuted, effectively dried and freed of soiling, cleanly recycled plastic chips are obtained from old, useless flowerpots and are likewise returned to circulation.

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Bösel Plastic Management returns single-grade plastics to the production process as ground stock and (re)granulate

BPM disposes of single-grade plastic production wastes and processes them into ground stocks and regranulates. The single-grade plastics pass through two production stages. On the one hand, BPM manufactures ground stocks. This is the simplest production stage. On the other hand, the materials are regranulated, either directly from ground stock or loose plastics in the form of films, leftover packaging and packaging wastes, edge off-cuts, sleeves and sheets, etc. are comminuted and subsequently directly further processed in the regranulation plant.

The production volume in the area of ground stock and regranulates currently amounts to 1500 t per month. The product and service programme consequently consists of specialist consultation tailored to individual requirements and processing and marketing of the manufactured plastics geared to principles of economic viability and appropriateness. The combination of professional specialisation and target-oriented technical implementation renders it possible to economically fulfil the need for economically priced regranulates.

Suppliers of the Bösel Plastic Management GmbH

BPM’s suppliers include film manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, car parts suppliers, mobile telephone suppliers, etc. The ground stocks and regranulates are reused in the most diverse fields of application, such as for example in injection-moulding companies, film manufacturers, car parts suppliers and so forth.

Contract crushing and regranulation of plastics

In addition to the production and sale of regranulates, contract processing is one of our most important fields of activity.

BPM collects the plastic wastes from the customer’s premises, crushes or regranulates them and returns the latter to the customer. It is therefore possible for you to return production wastes to current production. This saves you hard cash!

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A very warm welcome to Bösel Plastic Management GmbH – your partners for resource-conserving and environment-friendly plastic

Those who recycle relieve the burden on the environment and are conscious of their responsibility towards themselves and their surroundings. BPM has made it its business to manage the entire process “from the product to the product”, without at the same time losing its control over the core competences.

The main emphasis of service of BPM is placed on disposal of single-grade production wastes and their processing into ground stocks and regranulates.

The single-grade plastics pass through two possible production stages in our modern fleet of machines. On the one hand, we manufacture single-grade ground stocks. On the other hand, the materials are regranulated, either directly from the ground stock or from loose plastics such as films, edge off-cuts of all kinds, defective productions, sleeves, sheets and many more. These are comminuted, cleanly separated from aluminium and subsequently directly further processed in our regranulation plants. In the regranulation plant, the plastic is melted down, passed through filtering and degassing zones, compacted and finally processed into new granulate. The regranulate is of higher quality than ground stock and is perfectly comparable to new goods in terms of its properties. Consequently, it forms a reliable, environment-friendly and attractively priced alternative to new plastics. Owing to efficient warehouse management, we always have your requirements for ground stock, regranulate and aluminium in stock too. We will be pleased to make prompt deliveries with our own fleet of vehicles.

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