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Separation of compounds and contract processing – Bösel Plastic Management is your competent contact Separation of compounds

Separation of compounds

verbundtrennung-01bSince December 2001, BPM has opened up another field of activity, separation of compounds. Separation of compounds means separation of plastics and aluminium, in this case polystyrene (PS) and aluminium. In this case, a special separating plant from Hamos was acquired. The plastic particles are separated from aluminium particles with the aid of electrostatic charging. The plastic obtained is processed into regranulate in a regranulation plant with a special separating head and is returned to production. The aluminium obtained is sold respectively at the current stock market price to steelworks factories.

Contract crushing and regranulation of plastics

BPM offers a special service to its customers: contract granulation and contract crushing. BPM collects the plastic wastes from the customer’s premises, crushes or regranulates them and returns the latter to the customer. It is therefore possible for you to return production wastes to current production. This saves you hard cash!


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